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LU - 2

Setup your server within minutes

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SSD Drives

Port Switch

1GbE Unmetered (Connected to 10GbE Switch with Burst speed and unlimited traffic) or 1GbE FLAT (Full Speed with Unlimited Traffic)

Remote Management

Remote Management

Operation System

Control Panel

If you have no experience with ssh, select the graphic panel
ISPmanager 5 - New and Innovative control panel

Virtualization Panel

Select if you need Virtualization management software

IPs Addresses
x ( €2.00 EUR )

If you need some IPs, select the desired volume


If you need a large volume of IPs select one subnet. For several, contact us.


Proactive monitoring system.
The server will be monitorized by us and we will take immediate actions when the server goes down.

Description Price
LU - 2 €109.00 EUR
SSD Drives None Free
Port Switch 1GbE Unmetered Free
Remote Management IPMI/KVM (Incl.) Free
Operation System CentOS 6 - Latest version Free
Control Panel None Free
Virtualization Panel None Free
IPs Addresses: Free
Subnet None Free
Monitoring None Free
Total Recurring:
€109.00 EUR Monthly
Total Due Today:
€109.00 EUR
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