Virtual Servers

Virtual servers

Rent a Virtual Server at Evoluso!

Enjoy our amazing Virtual Servers at a low price.
There is no possibility to buy a full dedicated server?! You can opt for a shared server and buy only the resources that you need.
Select and buy the specs that you need, receive the order and start creating your Virtual Servers.


Up to 5 Virtual Servers

2GB RAM / Up to 24GB RAM

Up to 8 Cores

1Gbps FullDuplex

Unlimited deployments

From € 20,00 EUR


Get total control on your virtual server

Responsive Client Area

You never have to send an email to support, in order to reinstall or reboot your Virtual Server. With a simple click, you reboot, reinstall (…). Easily and Fast.

Traffic Graphs

You can see in real time, the graphs usage of your servers and also all traffic consumed during the billing period.

Auto Reinstallation

We have a wide selection of operating systems, all you need to do is select the desired OS, and indicate the password to be used. Our system will reinstall your server with a fresh OS, in 15-20 min

Rescue Solutions

Rescue System is a lite OS based on sysrescue, bootable via RAM, to administrate or repair your system and data after a crash. It aims to provide an easy way to carry out admin tasks on your server.

Windows on virtual servers

Customer Service and active support

The main objective of EVOLUSO is to keep a customer happy and free of all problems.
We offer to our customers all our knowledge and many years of professionalism in the IT area.
When buying at EVOLUSO, you are not buying only its physical service but also professional assistance for your service. It is this factor that separates EVOLUSO from all other companies.

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