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In our colocation racks we provide housing for your own servers.
You send us the server, and we will setup it in our Racks connected to our Network equipament.
CL - 1
1 Unit
Location / Netherlands
Power / 0,5A
100 MBit/s Unmetered
2 x IPv4
Setup/Installation Free
CL - 2
2 Units
Location / Netherlands
Power / 0,5A
100 MBit/s Unmetered
4 x IPv4
Setup/Installation Free
NOTE: All our prices are shown excluding VAT. European citizens without European VAT code (i.e. if you are NOT a company, organization, etc.) are obliged to pay VAT according to the European Law. If you are not part of the EU you do not need to pay VAT.


Remote Reboots

  • Evoluso provides access to reboot your server remotely. You never have to send an email to support, in order to restart your server. With a simple click, you reboot your server. Easily and Fast.

Traffic Graphics

  • Evoluso provides real bandwidth traffic graphs. You can see in real time, the graphs usage of your servers and also all traffic consumed during the billing period.

Auto Reinstallation

  • Evoluso offers you the ability of server reinstalls. We have a wide selection of operating systems, all you need to do is select the desired OS, and indicate the password to be used. Our system will reinstall your server with a fresh OS, in 15-20 min.

Rescue Solutions

  • Rescue System is a lite OS based on sysrescue, bootable via RAM, to administrate or repair your system and data after a crash. It aims to provide an easy way to carry out admin tasks on your server, such as the creation and editing of hard disk partitions or to simply fix crashes.
- All these features are available in your client area.

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