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The main objective of EVOLUSO is to keep a customer happy and free of all problems.
We offer to the customer all our knowledge and many years of professionalism in the IT area.
When buying in EVOLUSO, you are not buying only its physical service but also professional assistance for your service.
It is this factor that separates EVOLUSO from all other companies


Technical Support is a common failure on most Companies on the market.

Evoluso is one of the few exceptions.
With a broad knowledge, Evoluso assists all problems with the maximum accuracy and depth.
Tickets are answered in a few minutes, keeping the Customer updated about their issues.


All that you need to run your business without problems.

  • Standard SLA: Unlimited number of requests for issues to resolve, to the best effort. 'service down' alerts will receive immediate attention. (Included by standard)
  • Advisory SLA for Software: Unlimited number of requests for issues to resolve about software. (Standard SLA is included)
  • Expert SLA for Software: Immediate and knowledgeable attention: Immediate response for software support to technically knowledgeable customers who will contact Evoluso as a last resort. NOC will start working at your request as soon it is received.

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